Disputes Committee

Your satisfaction matters to us. We know that things can sometimes go wrong, despite all the best efforts from all parties. If you have a complaint about our service, please let us know, so that we can work together with you to find a good solution. You can submit your complaint by post, or by using the complaint form on our portal. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Dispute resolution procedure for rightholders

Rightholders with Buma/Stemra who have complaints about decisions of the board or the management can appeal to the Disputes Committee, which has existed since 2006. The Disputes Committee consists of at least seven members appointed by the general members meeting of Buma/Stemra (one independent chairman, one independent deputy chairman and five Buma/Stemra rightholders, including three authors and two publishers). A dispute will be dealt with by at least three members of the Disputes Committee, namely the chairman and two ordinary members.

The dispute resolution procedure is available to all authors and music publishers that are affiliated to Buma/Stemra. This committee is thereby the appeals body for any rightholder with a specific complaint about decisions of the board or the management, whereby he or she is individually and directly affected in his or her interests. The decision of the committee is binding on the parties, unless a court decides otherwise.

In order to prevent trivial complaints and to offset some of the costs of the procedure, the Disputes Committee requires a dispute contribution from the complainant (Article 13, Disputes Committee Rules). If the complainant is vindicated, the dispute contribution will be repaid to him. The amount for an author is € 150.- per registration, and € 300.- for a publisher.

Composition of the Buma/Stemra Disputes Committee:
•    President: Mr. A.J. van der Meer
•    Deputy president: Mr. N. van Lingen
•    Member-author: Mr. W.B. Hoiting
•    Member-author: Mr. J. Kleppe
•    Member-author: Mrs. S. Maessen
•    Member-publisher: Mr. A. van Berkel
•    Member-publisher: Mr. M. Wijnstekers

If your dispute meets all the conditions, you can register it in writing by submitting it to the secretarial office:

Buma/Stemra Disputes Committee
c/o Secretarial Office
Attn: O. Meijer
PO Box 3080
2130 KB Hoofddorp, Netherlands