Social and cultural support

Buma/Stemra provides social and cultural support for music authors.

Sociaal Fonds Buma (the Buma social fund)
Music authors who are in financial difficulty can apply to the Sociaal Fonds Buma (Buma social fund). They can take out a loan or in extreme cases have their debts restructured, or they may be given a donation or a transitional payment. It is important that the assistance offered should also produce a structural solution.

The Buma social fund also organises the SFB Lounge, an opportunity for music authors and publishers aged sixty and above to meet each other regularly.

In addition, the Buma social fund has new pension fund arrangements for music authors affiliated to Buma. Above a certain threshold, a sum is paid annually into a pension scheme. This pension is payable when the pensionable age is reached. The scheme has been outsourced to Kunst & Cultuur (an organisation for pensions and insurance).

Buma Cultuur
Buma/Stemra is involved in promoting the Dutch music product by organising, financing and subsidising numerous events. These activities are handled by Buma Cultuur. This helps to focus attention on Dutch music productions, both nationally and internationally, which in turn helps music authors improve their sales.