Buma/Stemra distributes over 147 million Euros

20 May 2015

Collecting society Buma/Stemra distributed more than 147 million Euros in 2014 to composers, lyricists, music publishers and foreign collecting societies. This is stated in the annual report, approved during the General Members Meeting.

Besides this, Buma/Stemra, now having over 24,000 members, distributed 10 million Euros to the Fund for Social and Cultural Services, which is, among others, used to realize important events for the Netherlands such as Eurosonic Noorderslag and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Increase online rights revenues

In the category online Buma/Stemra collected 8,8 million Euros last year. An increase of over 50 percent compared to 2013, when the organisation collected 5,7 million Euros.

Board member and composer Pieter Perquin seconds these results. “More and more music is being offered online by both large and small digital service providers: from Spotify and iTunes to smaller online radio stations such as 22tracks. They increasingly determine how music is being experienced.”

Billions of streams

The transition to online also presents Buma/Stemra with some challenges, says CEO Hein van der Ree: “A significant development is the large operation which is necessary to process data of billions of streams of services such as YouTube and Spotify processing is one of the most important solutions.”

“Therefore, Buma/Stemra was the first European collective rights organisation to sign an agreement with ICE (International Copyright Enterprise), an initiative of the collecting societies from Sweden and the UK to jointly manage data. This will enable us to obtain a position in a competing market that will contribute to an optimal collection, accurate distribution of revenues and a very efficient cost structure due to economies of scale.”