Buma/Stemra presents Buma Song Tracker App for iPhone

19 October 2011

During the 16th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event Buma/Stemra has presented the Buma Song Tracker App for iPhone. The App enables music authors to track airplay of their songs on national radio stations such as Radio 538, Sky Radio and 3FM.

The fingerprinting software which is used by Buma/Stemra to monitor usage of songs provides the data for the App. Music is monitored 24 hours per day on all the national radio and television networks and the system then identifies the songs which are being played. The data is now also available to members of Buma/Stemra (music authors and music publishers) through the iPhone App. The Android version will become available in November.

Hein van der Ree, CEO of Buma/Stemra: “Our focus is to offer modern and transparent services to our members and the introduction of this App is a step in that direction.”

The free Buma Song Tracker App is available for members in the iTunes Store.