In specific cases, Buma grants discounts to music users. Those discounts are part of (negotiations on) the determination of our rates and our marketing. Discounts have an overall positive influence on the entire market.

Buma also has discount regulations for live performance licenses. An example is the Volume Discount regulation. The Volume Discount applies to parties that pay a considerable sum for music copyright in live performances to Buma.

Mega Live Act (MLA)

Under specific conditions, concerts are eligible for accelerated processing and distribution. These are called Mega Live Acts (MLA’s). The following cumulative criteria must be met:

  • The receipts for the concert are at least € 75,000;
  • At least 60% of the total number of musical works to be performed by the main act at the concert is written by the performer or performers of such works. So, the performer(s) is (are) also the copyright owner(s) of at least 60% of the musical works to be performed by the main act;
  • Buma/Stemra receives a request for MLA processing at least 28 days prior to the concert. This request can be made by one of the following parties:
    i. Collecting societies;
    ii. Publishers / individual copyright owners;
    iii. Management of an artist (only if this artist is a direct copyright owner);
  • A (provisional) playlist of the main act and the support acts (if applicable), is provided.

This service is only available for separate MLA’s (including support acts). Live performances on festivals and other such events cannot be processed as an MLA.

The royalties collected for an MLA will be distributed within 28 days after the final playlist and the license amount have been received. For accelerated processing and distribution of MLA’s in the Netherlands a 8.5% administration fee is applicable.