Booking offices

With which booking offices does Buma/Stemra work?

The booking offices on the list below are allowed to invoice advance payments on behalf of Buma. If you book artists through a booking office that is not shown on this list? Then you must contact Buma directly yourself before the event to apply for a license.

Berk Music Entertainment v.o.f. KvK-nummer 01097362
 CAT International VOF KvK-nummer 18022537
 Easybookings B.V. Kvk-nummer 04073527
 Entertainment-NL B.V. KvK-nummer 34299144
 Eye of the Hurricane BV KvK-nummer 55357415
 Holties Producties BV KvK-nummer 04047142
 KIK Events B.V. Kvk-nummer 59792930
 Line-Up Events Kvk-nummer 30152853
 Lukassen Produkties v.o.f. KvK-nummer 09117895
 MEProductions KvK-nummer 04087389
 Muziek en Showbureau Jan Vis B.V. KvK-nummer 16023833
 Roelofs Entertainment B.V. Kvk-nummer 01153017
 Runic Boekingen BV Kvk-nummer 59341939
 Total Rocket Management B.V. KvK-nummer 32046066
 Tribe Boekingen B.V. KvK-nummer 17260170
 Twilight Entertainment Kvk-nummer 17161253
 Viking Entertainment B.V. KvK-nummer 17155450
 Volendam Music B.V. KvK-nummer 36005828
 Volume BV KvK-nummer 32161300