Commissioned Music

I create commissioned music. Should I end my contract with Buma/Stemra?

It all depends on whether you are employed or freelance. If you are employed for your music, the important factor is what is stated in your employment contract. If your contract has an “exceptional clause” that states that you retain the copyright to all the compositions you create as part of your employment, then we can continue to exploit your copyright without problem. So if you’re employed as an author and the employment contract states nothing about copyright, and your employer does not intend to change this, then the employer is considered to be the owner of the copyright. In the case of freelancers who have not transferred their copyrights to their client, we can continue to represent their interests as usual.

If I have music especially composed for my production, do I become the owner of the music?

No. The rights to the music remain the property of the composer. They will usually transfer the exploitation of their rights to a copyright organisation like Buma/Stemra. You must obtain permission from the organisation for any reproduction.