Registering work

I have written a song. How and where can I register it?
At Buma/Stemra, you cannot register your creation to prove that you are the creator.

The copyright applies automatically for your creation. You have nothing to do there. You can register it to link a date to your work. That is the start of the proof that you are actually the creator of the work. See also Misunderstandings about the authorship of a work can be avoided by having your work registered. You can do this, for example, with a notary.
Another possibility is to submit an I-DEPOT at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property ( Uploading an MP3 is also possible here.

I am a performing artist, but not a composer. Should I also join you?
No. You can, however, register with SENA if you perform music on a (commercial) CD or other sound carrier. SENA will arrange a remuneration for you, for example, if the CD is broadcast on radio and television.

My music is used in various countries. Should I also join the copyright organisations in those countries?
No, that’s not necessary. Buma/Stemra has agreements with sister societies abroad. They collect fees and transfer the payment to us. You will receive your remuneration from the foreign distribution twice a year. It is wise to inform Buma/Stemra in advance if you know your music is being used abroad. We can then actively seek contact with the organisation in question and pay your remuneration as quickly as possible. You can find the necessary forms for this on this website. Go to the portal and choose Member Forms’.

Can I get an overview of registered works?
An overview of registered musical works can be requested via the portal using ‘View own registrations’.

How do I register my pseudonym (artist name)?
If you want to register an artist name, please contact the Member Service Department. We will check whether the name is already being used. This is important information in order to distribute remunerations for the use of your work. Your artist name will remain registered as long as your copyright is valid, i.e. up to seventy years after your death.

Can I register a work together with someone else?
If a musical work has been jointly written, music authors can register it via the portal. One of the authors carries out the registration of the musical work written together via the portal. The corresponding confirmation letter must be signed by all the authors, and must show their account number(s).